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Fit Tea is an organic tea that contains a powerful blend of ingredients that have been used all over the world for thousands of years for their health benefits.

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Back to my morning routine. I'm starting the day with my @fittea. Tea time!
I found Fit Tea and instantly had less food cravings during the day and more energy! It helped me cut a ton of weight and along with eating cleanly and working out, Fit Tea helped me drop weight and get in the best shape of my life.
I am more energized and not feeling hungry. The product really helps to curb the appetite. Great help for starting a new nutrition and activity program. I highly recommend Fit Tea!
Love starting my day like this! Pre gym, post gym, afternoon pick me up... @fittea always does the trick!!!
Viviana Castrillon
Loving my FitTea. @fitteaburns FAT, really works and tastes GREAT. Try it!!! #fittea
Victoria Justice
@Victoria Justice
Enjoying a cup of on this beautiful Monday! #FitTea
Veronika Black
@Veronika Black
You can take @fittea anywhere I love taking mine to the beach in the morning and enjoying it cold so many benefits including metabolism boosting and giving me more energy for the day @fittea#FitTea
Tianna Gregory Daily
@Tianna Gregory Daily
finally back home and on my routine after two long weeks of traveling.. #fittea
Holy crap guys. These results are insane. I feel so ready and confident for the beach now! #fittea
Mahlagha Jaberi
@fittea helps me feel a lot better about my body, since I haven't had the chance to work out lately. #FitTea
Mahlagha Jaberi
Good morning. Starting my day with @FitTea detox tea to get some energy. #fittea
Mahlagha Jaberi
Alien fingers lol. Time to hit the gym. A cup of hot @FitTea to get some energy n to help me make it there in this cold weather #FitTea
Lindsey Pellas
@Lindsey Pellas
Long day ahead. Starting w @FitTea to keep my energy & immune system super high. #FitTea
Lexx Obrien
This is week one of the 14 day detox!! The results so far are amazing ? can't wait to order a new bag!!
14 days with my fittea diet!! Took me a lot to post this.. As im so insecure about my body. Cant imagine how great im gonna look after my 28 day is complete! Nothing is impossible!
Klista Reyes
@Klista Reyes
It's Friday. Drinking my #fittea before another #insanityworkout. Feeling good. Halfway through week 2 sstaying #fit feeling healthy and more motivated lately.
Jennette McCurdy
@Jennette McCurdy
On day 14 of my @FitTea detox - who's doing it with me?! #FitTea
Jayde Nicole
Recovering from a bad cold and the only thing that has been helping me detox is my @fittea !!! #fittea
Jamie Lynn Spears
@Jamie Lynn Spears
Hoping this FitTea will help me stay healthy while all this sickness is going around! #fittea
Zoe Morrison
Top pictures are when i was 66kgs and below im proud to say ive lost 3kgs now only 8kgs to go I'm finally starting to feel confident about my body @fittea #fittea
FenaMarie Brooks
@FenaMarie Brooks
Super early morning workout but I couldn't have done it without my #FitTea Not only does it taste great but it's making my tummy flat too! #FitTea
using @fittea before my shoots is my favorite
Catherine Castellucci
We love our @fittea ! ? #natural #fittea
Bella Thorne
Conquering my day thanks to @FitTea Style is more than what you wear - it's how you feel! #getit #sp #FitTea
Acacia Brinley
@Acacia Brinley
Monday @FitTea time before my day starts #FitTea
Tianna Gregory
Bun/tea Sunday's @fittea #fittea#detox