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Power Diet Book

Filled with premium recipes that are designed to make weight loss & dieting a FUN process!  No more boring foods!!  The key to a successful diet is eating stuff you enjoy!  You gotta make this a lifestyle if you want to succeed long term!  

I've taken EVERY SINGLE RECIPE that I've made on my diet and converted it into an easy to use recipe book that will make cooking for yourself or your family as simple as possible! This is a real book! That we mail you! You get the ebook version free!This cookbook is compatible with any smartphone, pc, tablet or most other digital devices!  The results begin when you do!

Eat the foods you love and get in the best Shape of Your life!

►150+ Pages Filled With Information & Recipes

►This is a real book! That we mail you! You get the ebook version free!
►Buy It Once & Get The Latest ebook Version Everytime I Update It! Just Re-Download The Book!!
►Exact Calories & Macros Are Broken Down For Every Recipe!
►Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Dessert Are All Covered!
►Exact Measurements For Each Recipe So You Always Hit Your Macros!
►Specific Step-By-Step Instructions Given For Every Recipe!

How I lost 40 pounds! Following the power diet, walking 30 minutes daily, Two Fittea Detox caps breakfast and lunch, replace lunch with two scoops of FitShakes!