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Cell Defense Anti Radiation Sticker

  • EASY TO USE - the stickers can be applied on phones, laptops, tablets, PC, TV, and other small electronic devices. Just place a sticker on your the back of your phone or on the surface of your electronic device.
  • EFFECTIVENESS - Each sticker can safely shield from EMF/EMR produced by phones, laptop safe, tablets, PC, TV, and other small electronic devices.
  • WHAT IT DOES - Regular electronic devices normally emit EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and EMR (electromagnetic radiation), which can be harmful to humans. Our cell phone protector sticker shield uses a magnetic negative ions technology, which absorbs and neutralizes ions that are present in 0EMF/EMR.
  • BLOCKED RADIATION!- Our stickers act as blockers and protector, neutralizers reduce negative radiation. Sick on your laptop computer, MacBook, mobile phone case, WIFI router box, iPhone, iPad, tablets, or any device!