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FitTea Detox Tea - Capsule Form

FitTea Detox Tea now in capsule form!

Loaded with antioxidants and acai improve overall health. Same great blend with added herbs and vitamins. 

Our Fit Tea Detox is made from organic plants meant to naturally detoxify your body. Rich in antioxidants, our clinically proven formula is designed to cleanse your digestive system and decrease water retention while reducing bloating. FitTea helps you stay fit, energized, healthy and happy!

A powerful blend of all natural ingredients loaded with antioxidants and green tea extract!

  • Reduce your bloating

  • Support your metabolism

  • Detoxify your system

  • Decrease your water retention

  • Cleanse your digestive system

  • Great PreWorkout

Recommended take (2) capsules per day for best results.