How to Detox the Body for Weight Loss

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How to Detox the Body for Weight Loss

Have you checked out the shelves at the grocery store lately?

In recent times, there’s been a tremendous shift in the food landscape. Our grandparents and great-grandparents grew up in times when fresh meats, fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy were the primary foods on offer. When they were thirsty, they sipped water, coffee or tea.

A Processed Problem

Now, processed foods line store shelves. They may taste good, but a growing collection of research is pointing to evidence that they are not good for the human body. Processed foods have been linked to addictive eating, cancer and other chronic ailments, such as heart disease and hypertension.

Naturally, processed foods are also linked to obesity and being overweight. Certain health professionals have termed components of processed foods “toxic,” comparing them to active poisons.

If that’s true, then it follows that one way to detox your body would be to steer clear of processed foods in favor of natural foods that are rich in disease-fighting antioxidants. Rather than leaving you feeling tired, rundown and bloated, detox eating (and drinking) plans are designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated, clean and strong.

"Teatox" Benefits

How exactly do you prepare your body for weight loss with a detox tea? The answer has to do with what’s in the brew. Fit Tea contains only a few natural, healthy ingredients: organic green tea, organic wu yi, organic rooibos, ginger, pomegranate, guarana, birch, stevia, corn and honey powder. Every one of those ingredients is there for a purpose, encouraging your body to burn fat with increased metabolism, boost immunity, or suppress hunger and reduce cravings.

Antioxidant-rich teas such as Fit Tea also improve brain and heart health, and neutralize free radicals, harmful byproducts of cell metabolism that cause tissue damage and raise the risk of disease. That’s a big, long-term benefit that you might not feel right away, but other ingredients such as the ginger have more immediate effects. Ginger has been a medicinal ingredient for thousands of years, and has the ability to improve digestive health and soothe nausea or an upset stomach.

Drinking detox tea is a smarter choice than doing a cleanse or replacing meals with formulated substitutes, since a “teatox” calls for you to eat filling, healthy meals and exercise while following the plan. In this way, natural herbal teas encourage the body’s natural process of detoxification to work as successfully as possible.

Personalize Your Plan

Despite all of its beneficial ingredients, detox tea is not a catch-all solution for weight loss. Instead, it’s intended to go along with regular exercise and healthy, balanced eating. Detox tea can jump-start your weight loss program by helping you lose water weight, which can flatten your stomach, and make you feel lighter and slimmer. Sometimes, those changes can be enough to encourage you to practice other healthy habits that will make long-term weight loss and weight maintenance possible.


Because everyone’s body is different, weight loss results can vary widely from person to person on any diet or detox plan. Always consult with your doctor before following any plan for weight loss. And if you’re stumped about what to eat while you detox, consult with a dietitian or nutritionist, who can make personalized recommendations for each meal.