4 Tips for Weight Loss

When you decide you’re going to lose weight, it often feels like an impossible task. Here are a few tips for weight loss that will help the pounds fall away, leaving a slimmed down, toned up body in their place.
Get Moving
Just because you might not be able to make it to the gym, doesn’t mean you should stay stationary all day. Bounce your foot, tap your fingers, bob your head to a whatever song has turned into an ear-worm, take the stairs, walk to get the mail instead of driving. All of these things help you burn calories, and even more importantly, the constant movement decreases the risk of developing blood clots or other health problems that are a result of sitting too still for too long.
Drink a Lot of Fit Tea
When most people decide to lose weight, they stop drinking anything that isn’t straight water. While water is important, you should also use green or Fit Tea to help keep you hydrated. Fit Tea does a few things that water can’t. The advantages of adding Fit Tea to your diet plan include:
It sends a course of antioxidants through your body which helps your cells ride themselves of the free radicals that can build up and create all kinds of havoc.
  • It boosts your metabolic rate. 
  • The tea helps burn calories.
  • It provides you with the energy you need to get you through a workout.
  • It helps suppress your appetite.
Best of all, it tastes great!
Tea isn’t something you only have to drink while you’re enjoying breakfast or just before you go to bed. You can enjoy it all day long. The odds are pretty good you’ll find that it even replaces your midday snack.
Include Strength Training in your Workout
When people decide that they want to lose weight, many become so focused on eating low-calorie foods and doing exercises that get the heart pumping fast, such as running and aerobics, that they completely forget to include any strength training. This is generally a big mistake. Strength training just as effectively boosts the metabolic rate as aerobics does. It also improves posture, helps keep our bones strong, and is a nice change from exercises that only focus on the cardiovascular system. Most fitness expert advice rotating between a cardiovascular workout day and a strength training workout day.
Hit up the Dairy Aisle
For some reason, people seem to have gotten the idea that when they want to lose weight, they should avoid anything that contains dairy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Strictly speaking, the calcium found in dairy products doesn’t burn calories, but many feel that the dairy prevents your body from absorbing as many fat calories. One study noted that young white males who ate dairy products developed less belly fat than those who avoided foods rich in calcium.
If you’re on a diet, stay away from the richer items but stock up on the low-fat dairy products.

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