4 Great Ingredients for Weight Loss Smoothies

When you stop and think about it, smoothies are an adult version of the milk shakes you loved as a kid. The difference is that they’re a bit healthier, and when prepared with just the right ingredients, they can help you shed those extra pounds that have been hanging around your hips, belly, and thighs.

The trick to weight loss smoothies is watching what ingredients get put into them. Some items can help you shed weight in a healthy manner while others can add a few pounds. Weight loss smoothies should contain ingredients that will rev up your metabolism, zap your fat deposits, and give you that burst of energy you need to get through the day.

Here are some ingredients you should have on hand the next time you start to blend up weight loss smoothies.

Frozen Banana

Never underestimate the power of the banana. Once the potassium packed fruit has been blended up and mixed with a few other ingredients, your smoothie will have a creamy texture that’s very similar to ice cream. Unlike ice cream, there are a few different ways that the frozen banana will help you shed those pesky pounds. First, it reduces belly bloat and then it helps decrease water retention. The high fiber content fills gives you a nice full feeling that will prevent you from hitting up the vending machines later in the day.


The best weight loss smoothies are made with green veggies rather than juice. The next time you feel like a green smoothie, grab a handful of spinach rather than kale. Spinach is a great source of nutrition when you’re trying to lose weight. In Sweden, 19 women participated in a study that required them to drive 5 grams of spinach extract in the morning. The study lasted for three months. At the end of the project, the women who drank the spinach had lost an average of 11 pounds, significantly less than the members of the control group. The same women said they experienced fewer cravings and had more energy than they did prior to making the spinach extract a daily part of their lives.

Fit Tea

Instead of using juice for your weight loss smoothie, add some Fit Tea instead. Fit Tea was specially designed to provide you with the nutrients needed to stay healthy, while also boosting your metabolism and helping you lose weight. The smooth flavor of Fit Tea combines nicely with both fruit and green smoothies. The boost of energy Fit Tea supplies makes it a great choice following a work out session. It also aids the immune system so you’ll be healthy and active while everyone around you fights off cold and flus.


Adding a dash of cayenne to your smoothie does more than just give the drink a little extra kick. Just a small dash can help you drop a dress size or two. The chili peppers used to make cayenne contain a compound called capsaicin, which studies indicate helps women shed belly fat while helping suppress their appetite. Since cayenne gives your body a nice little surge of energy, it’s a great addition to your post workout weight loss smoothie.

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